About Us


We are potentially the best natural and ancient herbal supplement brand emerged out of Hong Kong today. Our products are branded and developed in Hong Kong based on ancient Indian medicine system of Ayurveda. Like Yoga, AYURVEDA medicine system developed over thousands of years in India. Ayurveda system uses naturally occurring herbs and minerals to treat mind and body defects and diseases. 

The central concept of Ayurveda is the theory that good health exists when there is a balance between three bodily bio-elements or “doshas” called Vata, Pitta and Kapha made of five elements; the Air, Fire Water, Earth and Eather respectively. 

The three doshas has to be in harmony for healthy living and if there is an imbalance it shows up as a specific ailment. Ancient Yogic and Ayurvedic masters & sages, discovered connection that a specific Dosha’s imbalance has with an ailment. They used formulations using natural herbs and minerals to rebalance the 'out-of -shync' Dosha. Rebalancing the displaced Dosha ensures cure and healthy body and mind.

Eat our special herbs to stay healthy!