The ancient 'Medicine Science' of Ayurveda was developed in India over thousands of years ago. In Indian tradition, it is believed that Ayurveda is universal consciousness - an eternal science that had preexisted mankind. Well, in a way this isn’t that far fetched an idea. Fundamental properties of herbs, whether medicinal  or not are ingrained it it always. Human beings only discovered it later.

Ayurveda and Yoga (the physical, mental and spiritual practices) together forms what is the ancient Indian medical science. Ancient Indian rishis and mystics meditated to seek knowledge, not for seeking out any gods. They meditated to understand the nature of reality itself and invent solutions for the problems that mankind faced. Just like Yoga; Ayurveda too has deep roots and history of evolution going back three to five thousand years and more. It is built on coded knowledge, which like all Indian texts are ‘open source’ system, allowing for subtle changes and modifications depending on teachers own experience and uniqueness of each individual. Ayurveda is based on sound logic and observation which is now being subject to modern medical scrutiny. Ayurveda is now being proven to be compatible to modern science.

Ayurveda medicine system uses formulations derived from natural herbs to manage and cure certain diseases and illnesses. Ayurveda medicine system believes that diseases occur when natural balance between the five elements, the Ether, Air, Earth, Water and Fire is disturbed. Consuming certain herbs in right proportion is believed to bring back the balance resulting in cure. Daily consumption of these herbs also helps maintains good health.

All our products are derived from herbs and naturally occurring minerals and are completely free from any animal or dairy derivatives. products are formulated by experts with great care in world class manufacturing facility by using only the finest ingredients.

Every single herb and mineral used in our products are transformed into therapeutic elixir of healthy living by the wisdom of our formulation experts. It is our deep commitment to ensure these ancient formulations are also comparable to modern living.

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Over the eons these formulations had been passed on from sages to disciples and got recorded in ancient text such as “Charak Samhita” compiled by The Holy Sage Charaka and in many other texts such as Susrut Samhita, Astang Hridaya, Sharangdhar Samhita, Madhav Nidan, Kashyap Samhita, Bhavprakash and Bhaisajya Ratnavali etc. Ayurveda belives if you know persons “doshas” you know everything about him. Readers may refer these ancient texts to learn more about Ayurveda and healing properties of certain herbs.

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